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As usual, you will receive your quick test result after 15 minutes.

You will receive the Rapid PCR Test result within 30 minutes. The Rapid PCR Test must not be carried out for clarification if a positive antigen rapid test is already present.

You will receive the test result of the PCR Lab Test - Next Day during the following day by 23:59 at the latest.

The free PCR Lab Test may only be used if the requirements of the TestV are fulfilled, this cannot be used for traveling! You will receive the test result of the prescribed PCR laboratory test by the end (23:59) of the 2nd working day following the sample collection.

You will receive the test result of the PCR Lab Test - Next Morning the following day by 10:00 a.m. at the latest.

* in 98% of the cases

Free rapid test

The free rapid antigen test may only be booked if there is an entitlement according to §4a of the TestV of 21.09.2021. Eligibility for the free rapid test must be proven at the appointment at the test centre.

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Covid Certificate / Result

Our certificate of the test result (rapid test, PCR & antibodies), are available in German and English language, with passport number and doctor's signature, it enables you to travel abroad. Free of charge!

Please note!

Please inform yourself about the Corona entry requirements for your country of travel destination on the website of the Federal Foreign Office at:

What is the testing process?

We take a swab sample from your nose and throat. We then put the test stick into a buffer solution, which will cause any virus particles present to dissolve into the solution. Using this solution and our rapid testing cartridges, we can detect the presence of any coronavirus proteins which bind to the antibodies on the test strips.

Test center

Come to one of our test centers also near you. Please refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum, nasal or mouth spray for 20-30 minutes before the test and wear an FFP2 mask when entering.

Online booking

Book conveniently and also at short notice an appointment here on the site via our booking system. Make sure you enter your data correctly (especially with e-mail address and postal code errors can creep in)! Sufficient capacities are available at all times, especially for the prescribed, free PCR laboratory test.

The testing process

To detect infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, a sample is taken from the mucous membranes (nasopharyngeal swab) of the respiratory tract. This is done by swabbing the pharyngeal wall and/or the nasopharynx. Through the experience of our staff, this is done quickly, thoroughly and with little discomfort. Alternatively, for PCR testing, we also offer sample collection by mouth rinse. In the mouth rinse test, a saline solution is rinsed in the mouth for several seconds and then placed in the sample container.


We only use tests which have been certified by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.

Results in 15 minutes

Your test result is always transmitted to you digitally in real time. For the antigen rapid test after approx. 15 minutes. For the PCR Lab Test - Next Morning by 10 a.m.* at the latest on the following day. For the PCR Lab Test - Next Day by 11:59 p.m.* at the latest on the following day. And for the Rapid PCR test, within 30 minutes*. * = in 98% of the cases

Data protection

We send you your results by email in an encrypted form and in accordance with data protection requirements.

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Keplerstraße 22, 68165 Mannheim
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Please read our FAQ for your own safety. Our test is very straightforward: book your appointment, go to your chosen test centre and receive a reliable test result in just 15 minutes. We send you your results by email in an encrypted form and in accordance with data protection requirements.