Corona Rapid test, PCR-Test & Free antigen rapid test (citizen test) in Test center Frankfurt am Main Flughafen

Medicare Testzentrum, Am Flughafen 1, 60549 Frankfurt am Main

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As usual, you will receive your Antigen Rapid test result after 15 minutes.

You will receive the test result of the PCR Test (Lab) - Next Day during the following day by 23:59 at the latest.*

The free PCR test according to TestV may be used by persons who meet the eligibility requirements according to the Coronavirus Test Regulation (TestV). You will receive the test result of the free PCR test according to TestV on the following day until 23:59*. This test cannot be used for traveling. You can find out more about this in our FAQs.

You will receive the test result of the PCR Test (Lab) - Next Morning the following day by 7:30 at the latest.*

You will receive the Rapid PCR Test result within 40 minutes. Rapid PCR is not accepted by health departments to confirm infection.

* = in 98% of cases. In 2% of cases after 48 hours at the latest. With Rapid PCR Test after 4 hours at the latest.

Free antigen rapid test (citizen test)

Since 30.06.2022, entitlement to a free citizenship test is only available to those eligible under TestV. Please check if you are eligible before booking.

Free antigen rapid test (citizen test): BOOK HERE

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Antigen rapid test, antibody test (Lab), PCR test (Lab), rapid PCR test at a reasonable price.

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Over 100 test centers in Germany and Spain

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Simply, quickly book at any time desired date at the location near you. Also short-term appointments bookable!

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Book desired appointment and receive result in time for more planning reliability

No waiting time

Less than 5 minutes stay on site.

Transmission of results

Digital result transmission by e-mail. Please note the different result return times per test type.

Digital results

Certificate with QR code in English and German. Ideal for travel!


Individual complete solutions for corporate customers can be found at

Attention please!

Please inform yourself about the Corona entry requirements for your country of travel destination on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at:

You can find us here in Frankfurt am Main

Medicare Testzentrum
Am Flughafen 1, 60549 Frankfurt am Main

Please read our FAQ for your own safety. Our test is very straightforward: book your appointment, go to your chosen test centre and receive a reliable test result in just 15 minutes. We send you your results by email in an encrypted form and in accordance with data protection requirements.

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